TED talk – ‘How to find work you love’ by Scott Dinsmore

When trying to find a TED talk that is relevant to my intended career path…I realized I don’t know what that is. I began searching words like travel, adventure and peace in the topics section when it hit me that, just maybe, someone has done a TED talk about how to go about finding work you love. I searched ‘happiness’ in the topics section and what do you know, there’s definitely more than one talk on this topic. After watching the TED talk by Scott Dinsmore in October 2012 at TEDxGoldenGatePark entitled ‘How to find work you love’, I became truly inspired by this man’s energy and passion for life, and fearlessness to set out and do what he loves. I began to research more on Scott and the revolution he created – Live Your Legend. I was saddened when I came across a blog post on their site informing their community of the passing of Scott Dinsmore while climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. In his last post he wrote before going off the grid, Scott shared a video called “Look Up”, which beautifully and poetically shares the effect technology and constant connection, so unnoticeably, has on our world. And although people always feel the need to say “well isn’t it funny that we post things about the downfall of social media on social media outlets”. Yes. But despite the irony of sharing such opinions through the outlet we have been so strongly encouraged to take a hieadous from, social media and technology have tremendously progressed efforts such as Scott’s revolution. I think, rather, what is trying to be said, is that as in everything in life, moderation is key. As Scott suggests, pick one day of the week to totally unplug, or limit your time on your phone or computer daily. Anyway, rant aside, I encourage all of you to get involved in Live Your Legend because I feel that any person who has the power to change your life through a seventeen minute TED talk deserves to be heard. The passion and drive behind his work is inspiring and his legend deserves to live on. And, after reading his blog, put down your phone – even for just an hour. Stay happy friends : )

Scott Dinsmore on his one year trek around the world.
Scott Dinsmore on his one year trek around the world. liveyourlegend.net, Sept. 4, 2015


Dinsmore, S. (2012, October 1). How to find work you love. Retrieved October 26, 2015, from https://www.ted.com/talks/scott_dinsmore_how_to_find_work_you_love

Dinsmore, S. (2015, September 4). I’m Going Off the Grid: Therapy for an Addicted & Over-Connected World | Live Your Legend. Retrieved October 26, 2015, from http://liveyourlegend.net/disconnect-to-connect/


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